Sunday, May 09, 2010

Told You So.

'Cause you said said he was the one
Baby yes you said said you were in love
When you left me you said that you wouldn't be
Comin' back remember that but I never agreed

I hate to say it but I told you so
Told you if you left that you were gonna be miserable
Guess he don't do it like me or else you wouldn't be
Runnin' back to the past it was you that left me
I hate to say it but you know I'm right
Everytime you're up be callin' for me late at night
But now that you ain't got me tell me where you gon' be
'Cause I can't take you back no my heart won't let me
- Jesse McCartney's Told You So
Horribly nice song and the lyrics sink deeply into me. Addicted to it:D
Okay. I look forward to tmr. as long as i am with him.