Friday, May 07, 2010


Today NAPFA...
Got As for all stations except shuttle run ==" If not for that i would've gotten gold.
I jogged all the way. 13.0 manzxc D: But yay Monday i can rerun! HURRAY :D
Then for sit and reach i under-performed. BOOOOO! :boo: Oh and rachel dunno what happened to her she got 50 51.5cm O_O I was like OMG.
*squeals* OMG he talked to to me! finally! xD so happyzxc
Haizz... thinking of privating my blog.. Should i? Hahah. And ooh rachel ILY xD You finally realise how irritating she is! :D

BTW, currently suffering from heartache x.x dunno why though. Like suddenly my heart will ache like crazy. Feel like crying T_T AHHHHHHH his smile is just like hongki's. Can't stop but fall for him.
Okay, that's all... nothing much to talk about. All crap. HAIZZ... EMO EMO EMO