Thursday, April 29, 2010


MIA from today onwards... Need to concentrate on studies le.. haha see i so guai :)
PS:// my tatale is inedible! too salty. hahas and thanks to lee zhuohao (and maybe myself too?) my home econ mark for sure super low!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

pissed off.

"I love life…Yeah, I’m sad, but at the same time, I’m really happy that something could make me feel that sad. It’s like…It makes me feel alive, you know. It makes me feel human. The only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt something really good before. So I have to take the bad with the good. So I guess what I’m feeling is like a beautiful sadness."

Super emo today. Pissed off. PUFF.

Monday, April 26, 2010


STARS (over 5): :star:~ HOW WOULD I RATE TODAY?
Out of 5 questions, i only did one - which the first question. The other four i left blank. I dont even understand the question. Sad luh. Who tell me to not bring my textbook back to revise!! HAIZ.
Stanley was sleeping during the test. LOL.

Okay so today during PE, i wasn't supposed to run but i ran after all. To improve my stamina...
Timing for 2.4km = 13.59~
Dunno why leh last time i 12min?
Then after that, i was sweating like hell - like i just took a bath. Szeyin also. *high five*
I had stitches, stomachache, headache and felt like vomiting after the run. My head is like spinning! I can't even walk properly. Dragged myself to the classroom and tried to take a rest but i couldn't - coz the classroom door's gonna be locked.
So me and Szeyin wore our skirt and sat outside the classroom to rest. WAAH that time i perspiring like hell~ O_O
After sometime when i finally stored enough energy i walked to the canteen with Szeyin.

Then after that felt better, except that my stomache will still hurt occasionally.
WAH after school was worse. My head spinning like hell. Looked for Fat Yeo, and had really good news!! :D:D

Went home, and when i was on the bus, i felt sooooooooo miserable x.x so unwell ~ headache and felt like puking~ ARGH
Now feeling better... Just worry about my History... Haizz.. Nvm at least some people's gonna fail with me :D

PS:// 1 star for today. Screw today.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


STARS (over 5)::star::star::star::star::star:~ HOW WOULD I RATE yesterday?
Yesterday was BOOMZZ! Met Sige (my long time no see best friend) at the library! She didn't change a lot just that she seems so TALL now! She also bought sushi to share with me after her trip to the OCBC bank. WAHAHA~ I took half of them!
Took pictures with her on my tablet and ROFL-ed! HAHA so funny!
After that, went to Jurong Point. I saw a lot of things which i feel like buying. But sadly, im currently broke. Sad luh~!
Chatted and went home.
Oh yeah her phone rocks!! MY DREAM PHONE T>T The LG chocolate BL 20V... :C
HAD A SUPER FUN DAY :D Maybe we will meetup next Saturday again! Hurrah!

Oh yeah,
- new bag (shapeless)
- new watch (white)
- headphones (greeeennnn!!!)

BTW, tmr is our history test. Shit i didn't bring back my book. But nvm i dont care :p
sometimes i wonder why i have such a sad life...

Friday, April 23, 2010

squashed oreo.

STARS (over 5)::star::star::star:~ HOW WOULD I RATE TODAY?
Nothing interesting happened these days. So i did not blog yesterday. HAHA.
Anyway, today during Physics, Szeyin and Rachel tried to pull out my shoe. LOL too bad you lose!! 2 versus 1 ley! HOHOHO.

BTW, this is Rachel's squashed Oreo. Nothing better to do right? LOL! XD

Squased by: Rachel, Szeyin, me, Jozua & BONGKONG.
At first we wanted to put hot water and drink it but did not in the end, cause no cup + hot water at all!

Speaking about BK, he was mad today, as his tablet was confiscated by Ms Lim. He played games and also ate in class. Heard from Szeyin that he cannot control his anger & will do stupid things once he gets angry -_________-" Someone like Ivan. He suddenly shouted "AHHHH!!! TIAM LA!!!!" after lunch and it freaked me out - totally.

He even threw Szeyin's tablet into the dustbin. And he tried to complain to Ms Lim that we played FB after school. Like WTH? He's at the wrong and yet he's angry. WTF is wrong with him man! =="
Flunked both geog. and chinese paper today. HAIZZZZ...

Wanted to go to Szeyin's house at first, but Petunia didn't want to. Saw the DS boys dancing and it was funny? Pity them though.. And that's why i quitted dance. :P
Enjoyed the aircon in the hall with the harp members... but went off after some time. Coz too boring le!! And oh Szeyin you're too careless! :X
Went home with Petunia, Cato and Chuankai.
OOOHH i bought new earphones. And i'm so gonna get that headphones! SOON!

BTW Leroi is giving me goosebumps. *shivers*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

viola, my worksheet tore.

STARS (over 5)::star::star::star:
Today was okay. Nothing interesting happened except for Bio.
Stupid Edwin!! Sabo me and Szeyin lorhs! Kena punished by Ms Goh.
He was holding my worksheet, so i take it from him. But he dun wan give me. -___-" Nothing better to do ar~
So kind Szeyin help me take while Bingwei showed me some stupid stuff (which i forgot). They were pulling both sides and hence VIOLA! my worksheet tore. I wanted to make Edwin pay for it but he act innoncent ==" We three was like quarelling -.- Then Ms Goh told us to go to the back of the class. HOHO, HOW GREAT.
Standing at the back = ME, Szeyin, Edwin, Daniel (?) dunno why he suddenly landed there
Then me + Szeyin were looking at the notice board's pictures. Ms Goh was like, "Stop looking at the pictures." We went ROFL. HAHAHAHA~!!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


STARS (over 5): :star::star::star::star:
~ HOW WOULD I RATE TODAY?Oh well. Today is funnnnn! :yes:
Morning, Chinese and Maths. BORING.
Then recess. Nothing interesting happened.
Then English. There's this teacher from Canada and, er, she look weird? Haha. I keep smsing people. Too bo liao le :tongue:
Then E. LIT ~ The Drama Queens represented and i think it's better than before? Yeah, we didn't laugh that much this time. :yay: But still can be better ! HAHA :biggrin:
Then lunch. Stayed in class and played with Szeyin's tablet. :tongue:
Then, bio. Haizz, i did not do my work on purpose then kena punished. LOL. Rushed my work and managed to pass up in time :glad: HUHU~:yay:
I can't believe that the bio teacher actually thinks that Yoyo is my nickname -.-
Our conversation:
MS GOH: What's you name?
ME: Yoyo.
MS GOH: What?
ME: Yoyo.
MS GOH: No, i want your real name.
ME: Yar lar. My real name is Yoyo.
MS GOH: *weird look* Yoyo?! Okay.
LOL ==" Told ya it's cool to have a unique name :wink:

After that was the ACC trip. LMAO-ed in bus. Played 'dare or double dare' with Sam, Yijing, Szeyin, Rachel & Petunia. Ooh then Szeyin lost and sabo me so will have to say 'i love you' to daniel -.- HAHAHA but smart me said 'this is fake' first :wise: so as to avoid any misunderstandings. HUHU~ :tongue: Then daniel and cato joined the game. Cato lost, and sabo-ed daniel. Then rachel told them to dance a sexy dance. :=p: OOH DANIEL'S SEXY DANCE IS SO... *CLEARS THROAT* EW. AND OMG THE MOVES WERE ACTUALLY THOUGHT BY JOZUA!! "Must liddat, then liddat..." LOL~~ What a great teacher.
Cato owes us a sexy dance!! But he doesn't want to dance! HMPH~ Cheater!
The trip's practically a waste of our time. :boo: We just go there, listen to the person talk then go back school.
BTW before i heard people say that jozua can imitate choyboy very well, and ROFL today i finally saw it!! WAHAHAHA!! ROFLMFAO! So funny larhs!!~~~ LMAO! And dunno why chester keep laughing/shouting in a very high-pitched voice. Maybe he's imitating Choyboy's laughter? HAHAHA we're bullying Choyboy! :tongue:
Then on our way back in the bus, played that 'dare or double dare' again and HOLLY SHIT, i lost and sabo-ed rachel :tongue: In the end she didn't do anything lorh!
Had to sing this song to Jozua and haizzz.. wanted to escape but couldn't... no choice so i just said out the words "今天你要嫁给我" very fast. PASSED~ PHEW!

Reached school and went back home with sam, yijing & rachel. For some reasons i dont know why petunia, edwin and cato are so fast. They left school after us but we reached the MRT at the same time -.- ARE WE TOO SLOW? HEHE!

Once again, thumbs up :yes::yes::yes: to those who blocked lao kok kok's way to walk around :biggrin:

*for some reasons i did not give today 5 stars T_T

Monday, April 19, 2010

200, hyperrr.

STARS (over 5): :star::star::star::star:
200th post. *claps* YAY me.
Wooo, i love today.
Played whatever monster and alien during PE. I'm always the first few to get kicked out of the game... First time is get caught by Cato and second time is i myself jump out of the line.
HAHHahaha and yeah btw i'd got nothing better to do so i did something that 'irritated' rachel, yijing, sam, valerie and szeyin :=p:
They wanted to revenge but AWWW! too bad! :=p: Only sam managed to revenge and it was awful. Wanted to do it back to her again but forgot about it in the end. LOL!
Went to bought waffle for lunch with yijing and guess what, we waited 15minutes for it. FIRST COME LAST SERVE LORH. Unfair!! :boo::boo: By the time we got our food the bell already rang... :shit::shit: Haizz...
And *thumbs up*:yes: to those who blocked lao kokkok's way to walk around~
Ooh, i flunked badly for the eng mock test. I didn't even finished it! :shy: Nvm haha just wait for the show :=p:

Laughed so much after school when walking back home with Sam and Rachel :biggrin::biggrin:! I dunno why also i just feel super hyper todayy :happy:
Sam and Rachel are just halirious!! XD WAKAKAKA!!!!!
Treated Rachel bubble tea agn. ARGH..:boo: Brokeeeee liao! Still owe 3 people MAC somemore! :sad:

HAHAHA but who cares anyway LOL!:yay: