Tuesday, March 30, 2010

so watch me strike a match

why is trouble chasing after me? im stressed. i wanna emo at a corner and play with my fingernails.

enough of that emo-ing part up there.

so yeah, during rachel's birthday party we were slacking all the way. We didn't even manage to complete 1/5 of the project. LAWLS.
Here's pictures xD
see? messy floor =.=
slacking in progress!
i happen to love rachel's toys xD

Monday, March 29, 2010

oh what a beautiful nightmare.

i am bored. practically NOTHING to blog about.
so obsessed with k-pop nowadys ♥♥
the craze is back! ♥♥♥

Saturday, March 27, 2010

i dont want to say that word.

Grow taller and admit it! You're chio!
Tomorrow going to her party. Yeah:D

Oh okay, so yesterday during geog, all the people in my row were sleeping. LOL. I was damn sleepy -  nodding off. Coz I have flu and I don't feel well D: Like my body's burning inside.
I keep waking up to check and see if Mdm Poon's looking at me, but at last I was too sleepy so I slept for like less than minute, then Mdm Poon shouted sth like, "Sit up straight!"
Then after that, went to Library with Yijing to do our English project. We so guai right? Then when we were drawing the poster, it's like so funny XD
Yijing keep drawing either a too fat neck, or a too short neck. And when she's drawing Mary sitting down on a chair, it's like she's standing up. LOL ttm XD
Hope you get what I mean.
Here's our final product! Hehe.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's the most unselfish thing you've ever done?

treat rachel 4 times (or more) bubble tea.. the others too

Ask me anything

once and for all...

- Post ten things you used to believe when you were a kid.
- Tag three people that won't do this anyway.
- Have fun!

When I was a kid, I used to believe that...
01. Cashiers are the richest people in the world.
02. Crayon ShinChan is real.
03. Adults are stupid.
04. If you eat an apple seed, an apple tree will grow in your stomach.
05. I can fly.
06. Wearing spectacles is cool and makes you smart.
07. "Passed away" means "quit".
08. Dramas are real life stories.
09. My brother is the cutest baby in the world.
10. People know what I'm thinking about.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hehe. my art work :P total disaster :X
Last minute chiong de ! :D

 And i played around with photoshop. nice editing eh? vintage feeling. lol :P
(i took this picture myself. duh)

btw, i really think i cant pass my harp audition D: i suck at piano. sad sad sad.. and so scared and nervous D:
And i'll say thank you! haha
i'm being random here... just feel so hopeless..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

you'll go lol

I was like LOL all the way xD Nice dance SHINee appas XD

Thursday, March 18, 2010

false alarm

i lurve this emoticon man: :B
random i know xD bored now. dun want to do homework..... sigh.
the art is really driving me crazy. X.x sickening...
and the chinese creative compo too. 看我七十二变. like come on lah, who will know what to write about D:


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Mia from today onwards!not sure until when, but guess it's gonna be a long one... so long~

this movie rocks. went to watch it with my sister ytd after the trail. watch it in 3D! it's awesome i tell you:D

speaking of which, the trail was boring. sam's so hungry, she bought cookies lol. so me and jiamin go buy also. the brownie rocks!!
Sam looks so lonely in this picture man xD

off to dance

off to dance later!! wish me luck.
hope i'll be in a good mood when im back.
fight on.

Monday, March 15, 2010


yeah, the poetry slam was boring. as expected. >:O
sigh, tmr have the maths trial, and we dont have the mobile connection thing. sigh.. will have to change group, and perhaps get scolded by teacher. O:
btw, i hate the art homework. it's totally driving me crazy. and the chinese creative writing too. come on, i dont even know what to write about D:

oh, im seriously brokeeeee


take it easy dude

yeah, take it easy.
later going to school for the whatever literature drama thing. screwwwww

Sunday, March 14, 2010

laughing out loud

hey guys, watch these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tRrirX8YH4
it's really worth a look. funny :D
i lurvee micky's story most lol xD
ROFLMAO, especially the kiss scene
and jaejoong's cutee mannn

well, nothing much to blog about my life. same routine everyday.. O:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

you call that holiday?

well, ytd's was my father's birthday :D
so yeah, march 'holidays' has officially started, and im wondering, is it even considered as a holiday =.="
busier than normal school days lorh D:
so many homework, and i didnt even touch them until now. smelly pile of worksheets.

so yeah, got back our progress reports.
all i can say is that,
GEOGRAPHY SUCKS BIG TIME. i failed with flying colors. really, trust me.
Others? Either a 70 or 60.
i got 94.3/100 for math though, good thing :D
So you see, only three As. one A1 and two A2..

i am really a coward.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

emma coward.

cowardy cowardy me, stupid idiotic me, emma such a coward. stupid me. tmr must do it or else im the one who will suffer in the end.
everyday is like hell now. and really, i can't remember how it feels to be not tired. wth... nowadays damn emo.. tired for like no reason, and gets irritated easily... let me rest for god's sake. no mood to do anything at all, except computer and sleep. everything seems so uninteresting.
i want someone to talk to, and complain all the things i wanna complain... bleh.

somehow i feel like running 3.5km or 4.5km, anything. just wanna make my body numb and put everything behind my back for just a while. or make myself sick. anything, as long as it can distract me.
i really dont know why i feel so hopeless, so moody.

im tired, from head to toe. seriously.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


okay, im determined to do something tmr. all by myself! :D fight on!

anyway, today was the mass run but guess what, it was raining cats and dogs. rachel's dad drove us there from clementi mrt and so good, her parents treat us sausage muffin from MAC. sadly we had no appetite at that time and somemore the sausage is so salty and have eggs and we felt like puking. EWWW..
jiamin and yijing was like so sad the run was cancelled because of the medals and blah, but im kinda happy coz of 2 reasons - one: no need run for such a long distance, two: no need to treat them mac!!

then, it rained like so long still never stop, so they told us to go home. yeah, go home. i didn't have the mood to, so me, sam, yijing, and jiamin went to rachel's house:D Valerie's father drove us there! :D friendly people ~ (that's 3 cars in a day - my dad's, rachel's, valerie's)

played rachel's tablet and wii. damn fun. played rachel's brother's bricks too. yeah i know im childish. had pizza for lunch. hawaii pizza. i put cheese powder on it and omg, it's sooooo cheesy, to the core! then next slice, i put chilli but still, it's cheesy. lol.
even until now, i still have that cheesy feeling x.x

Monday, March 08, 2010


how i wished i learnt music instead of dance...

Sunday, March 07, 2010


TPC rocks! Cool xD Except that 1 key is not working. D:
I want to watch Alice in wonderland... Gonna watch it with my sis during holidays :D


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

( inserts title here )

OMG, tmr's the day!! Tablet PC! I can see my classmates are all so excited. But, so sad, still have to go dance after training. Tiring.
Speaking of which, now every Wed + Thur + Fri have dance. Purpose? Train for YOG. I stressed lah!!! _|_
At least can get CCA points. Good thing. *Sighs with a sad face*

Anyway, I failed GEO beautifully. Really disappointed. Geography = nightmare.
And, Maths was freaking easy.
Screw Cato, win me in everything. Even Home Economics.
Oh ya, before I forget, Mrs Lim lost row 7's art piece. We handed in okay. And what the, we have to re-do.
I really really really hate Secondary School life. I miss Primary School T^T My friends, teachers, freedom, homework load, and... everything.

By the way, trying a new perspective now.