Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hiie, I am back!

I finally had the mood to blog (:
Really moody these days! But much better 'coz I know the percentage of me getting into RV is higher now! Hehes.
And oh, thanks to all those who cheered me up for the PSLE results. At first, I was like, kinda happy coz I expected 220-230 like that. But after I heard other ppl's gd results, I feel bad, like I'm so stupid. ):

Anyways, submitted a skin to

Click here to rate! :)

BTW, super junior's damn FUNNY!!! See the video below (:

They look soooo funny when they taste that bitter tea!

Hahas, nothing much to blog about. So, TA-TA!

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Friday, November 27, 2009


Got back my PSLE results ytd.
It sucks to the core.
243/300. (Including HMT bonus 3 marks) Suckish right.
Got 2 A* only! T-T

But good for me that I can enter express next year.
River Valley? Only 5.0000003% of hope I think. So many pupils fight for that school.
Hope I can enter it :/

Congrats to those who scored well. (:
Cheerup to those who scored unwell.
This is funny.

Sad. Moody. Don't want to talk anymore so,

Monday, November 23, 2009

PSLE results

Oh my god, oh my god.
We're getting our PSLE results this Thursday! I really worry I didn't score well.
I hope I can get into RV! But if not, Fuhua then.
Hope we guys can get into the same school...  I'll be so happy if we did.
I'll really miss you guys!!

Anyways, gonna spend my day in the library tomorrow.
That's all. Nothing much to say so, .

PS:// Wanna share this damn funny video with SJ fans.
It's Kangin, Sungmin, Heechul and Eunhyuk dressing like girls and dancing to Gee by SNSD and Sorry sorry.

They very pretty right? LMAO!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tik tok...

Curently in love with this song:
Tik tok by KE$HA.

Hahas. Her voice nice right.
Anyways, notice I changed my playlist? Got really sick of it so changed it.
And oh, changed a blogskin too. Hahas ! Okay I'll try to stop changing. But i can get sick of things really quickly.
Comments for this skin puh-lease??

I'm currently crazing for this Nokia phone: (Nokia N79)

It's soooo hawt. BTW, any good Nokia phones to recommend?

Kays nothing to blog about anymore so buh-bye!! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

6A graduation Party

The party today was AWESOMEE. I like the playground esp!
Next Thurs will be the last day I'm seeing you guys. T-T Will miss ya! All the teachers too!
Really had a great time together with you all for the past 2 years (some 3 years). Thank you all sooooo much for not laughing at my name, for counting me in for games/activities and so on. It's really hard to imagine next year with different friends (who might laugh at my name)!
Hope we can get into the same school next year...
Who knows what may happen!

Anyways, Centris was really big and beautiful. Here are the pics:

(thanks qiuting for this pic)

Okay. Enough of the party. Next Wed, going to watch the 2012 movie!

Wanted to watch it longggg ago. Really hope the world doesn't ends at that year! I wanna live until I'm old and I really wanna reach my goals. 我想实现我的愿望. We will survive!!
Can't wait for the movie. Byebye. (:

PS: Byebye friends! Hope you guys get into ur dream schools and have a great time ahead! Always remember:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift!
Bon voyage.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Much better

Hey there!

Yeah, my gum and throat is so much better now! But not fully recovered.
Damn happy anyway ! So that means, I'll have a great time later on !
Woo hoo~

Anyways, today, in the morning when we were rehearsing for the Farewell concert, I was like: . Coz as you see, there's sooo many pairs of eyes staring at me us. Dont ya feel nervous? I forgot all the lyrics so, just sway to the music and mouth out the words. Hehes. I like the other classes' performance too
After recess, played "Heart Attack" with QT, CRYS and SIGE. But after some time, Pyrena and WX joined in, so yeah. It was so fun! I was like laughing all the way And my hands was red all over after it! Worth it anyways, better than wasting my time daydreaming , eh?
Time passes so fast! Next Thurs we'll get back our PSLE results and we're gonna be on diff tracks. I actually dont look foward to it. I scare I'll score badly and I may get a shock !

Okay, I'm starting to like FF now! Before, I like IE 8 the most but now, MFF is better! Coz IE is damn super laggish and slow , and everytime I use it I'll be like almost sleeping ! Unlike it, FF is sooo fast. And somemore won't lag so easily. It is also more safe. Great for impatient people!
In love with MFF ~~ Hehehs, just kidding. But do note that my blog is best viewed in IE, not FF! There's alignment prob in FF.

Click on the nuffang ads for me (if there's any) eh!
Thanks !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ouch, my gum hurts.

˙SɹH ˙Ɯƃ ˙ʎƜ

Hello! My blog was kinda dead these days, eh?
Really lazy to update and plus, I'm sooooo tired these days that I dont want to move at all.
Anyways, I had two molars already!! One of it didn't affect me at all, but the other one really irritates me!!! That's why I say my gums hurts T-T
It grew 'thru' my gums which means, it has to poke my gum so as to grow and OMG, it hurts truck loads!! And somemore, I dont know why but my throat hurts too. It makes me hard to swallow food and so, I've been without food but only drinkable liquid these 3 days. Althou it hurts to even drink, but I cant starve myself right? I need food to survive!

If I even try to swallow, it is as if my skin is being peeled off my body~~ (Yes, I can't even swallow my saliva! I even find it hard to talk!)
Ytd, I really cant bear it anymore so, went to the clinic to check. Anyways, got the medicine, ate it, and I feel sooo much better today. Well, for the throat only. But, still can't swallow some kinds food like meat for instance.

Tomorrow's my mother's birthday and we're gonna eat out. I really hope I can recover so that I can have a great time, not just sitting there, looking at my parents eat. I really can't resist spicy food !!

Wish me get well soon (: Baibai, thank you soo much for your time reading my complain post (:

Sunday, November 08, 2009


pןɹoʍ oןןǝH.

Yeah, I know, we'll be going to the Old Folks' Home next week. Kinda excited for it as I'm not really aware of how the home looks like...

Anyway, check out these pics, it will make your heart ache like mad if you love animals. See:

The animals all damn cute..................
Yeah I really dont understand WHY those animal-abusers would even dare to abuse them. Don't they think the animals are so innocent?! Sigh. Hope people can stop abusing them.

Anyway, here's some others that's funny:

Kay, that's all for today.
I'll end off with a smiling dog.

LMAO!!!~~~~~~~~~~ The dog is actually smiling!


Hello people!

Yes, it's Tink Pink again! (:

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Anyway, in school a few days ago, it was AMAZING. Me, Crys and Jingyi went to the Media room to record our Digital Storybook and it was damn funny!~ Very satisfied with our final product anyway ^.^ And we went to use the Newsmaker in school and the laptop is so mordern... The keyboard very easy to type and yada yada yada. And the newsmaker is very handy and user-friendly. We finished ours in less than, well, 40min. Hehe !!
Done with my new layout. Not very happy with it... But lazy to make again. Sigh, i guess i'll do it when im bored~

Okay, enough for my boring post. Do join the Tink Pink contest puhlease!! Thanks (:

Saturday, November 07, 2009

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Sunday, November 01, 2009


heyo .
didn't blog ytd as I'm too lazy to do so.
anyway, had a tiring day as i had to wipe 3 rooms' tables and wash dishes for both lunch and dinner. argh how i wish i could just be unconscious right away.  my eyelids are as heavy as lead as if it's gonna close any second... watever. i'm damn tired so shall not type in caps as i did before. and there'll be less smilies. (i know this entry's gonna be boring and not lively)

*yawn*. im sure you arent int in my daily life, are you?  so, i think i shall not blog about wad i did tday and ytd and yada yada yada.
btw, submitted 2 blogskins to recently, do click here and rate my skins kay. thanks.

recently, got an inspiration on a new blogskin. may do it when im bored, but not now alright. im too tired. 
think i shall submit this skin to after i grow tired of this.

OKAY IT'S OPENED . i guess i shall take forty winks now . byebye.