Friday, October 30, 2009

I'll miss you.

Hello everybody
Yeah, you got it right - I'm still wasting my time in school these two days.
Anyway, my sister is going back to China later during midnight.  I will really miss her as she will only be back next year, 1st Jan.  I'm gonna be so bored at home, alone...  Sigh...

Okay, proper post now.
Today, I kind of enjoyed myself during the Chinese games. Well, at least it's better than I ever expected!  For the "Don't forget the lyrics"  part, we chose "童话", "当你孤单你会想起谁" and "两只老虎".
We got full marks for all components except for the Guessing 成语 one.
'Coz no time left. Anyway, we got quite high marks.
Talking about marks, I got 37.5/40 for SS exam!  Yeah, better than I thought. I thought I might get 35 or something.
BTW, the farewell party song's lyrics said that I am very uninteresting? I am not!  So as long you get to know me . But it's okay, I know it's just a joke . I look foward to the background music!

I totally yearn to read "Eclipse" of the Twilight Saga!!  But, Sige borrowed to someone and that someone didn't return. I don't know who's that someone but...
ARGH!!  Nvm, just had to wait until Sige gets that book back

Okay, that's enough for today.  I had nothing more to say so byebye.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I hate boredom. :<

Didn't blog ytd due to my sister's birthday. We went to 'Japan Village' (日本村) for Sushi. Saw somebody there, was kinda suprised you know.
Anyway, was so engrossed in eating that I forgot to take pictures. It was yummy~!

Ytd in school, when I was going to receive my math distinction award, when Ms Lim announced my name, almost all the P4 and P2 laughed out loud! I was like : What's so funny?! This is a unique name, so there!
Today? Argh , don't mention it! As normal, I was damn bored again during math class. Just keep daydreaming, doodling pictures and listening to the high voice volume.
I want to do something interesting!!! I don't want to waste my time () in class daydreaming, okay?! Darn, forget it.
Tommorrow must be a boring day in school again.

BTW, I was extremely disappointed when I heard that the Malacca trip was cancelled due to H1N1! Really sad, depressed and disappointed! I was looking forward to that trip so much and yet, everything is to be back to zero. Nvm, me myself comfort myself.

It's late now. Bed time! Gotta get myself ready for another long and boring day in school.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Today, SS was damn easy . But for HE, I alrd got 2 qn wrong . Too bad. But overall, both papers are managable .
Just now, just a few hours ago, during the last 2 periods, it was unbelievably boring ! I was almost bored to death ~~ Nothing to do at all!!! I almost fell asleep...
Nvm. Let's change subject.
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Okay, that's all for today. Byebye