Friday, September 25, 2009


I will be on hiatus state until the end of PSLE. So, byebye!
Must miss me! Will be back right after it (:

Erm, here goes my post for the day:
I bankrupted... My pocket is empty!
Somemore, still owe Sige some money... T-T *Sobs*
I must start saving money now!!

Erm, I'm being so random. Just dunno what to post about.

*Yay! There isn't much weekend homework (: I think I can complete by tmr ~
And btw, there's some burning questions in my mind:
1. What is the difference between 'jungle' and 'forest'?
2. What is the difference between 'rat' and 'mouse'??
3. How do you know if a word is negative? Erm, for instance:
"They keep no secrets from each other, _____ they?"
Why is the answer not don't but do?
*Confused, Although Mrs Tan explained before* Shall read up on my own!

I'm being so random but nevermind... Shall stop for today. Byes!!
I think this post will be the last post before PSLE! Bye bye my friends...
PS:// I will be a blogging maniac after PSLE!!


I like this Korean 4-girl team (2NE1) a lot! Hehehe...
Go find their songs. Super-rock!

And I love Wonder Girls too! I super love their "NOBODY" dance!

Monday, September 21, 2009

OMG OMG~~!!...

I just took a look at the calendar and to my surprise, PSLE is really around the corner!! OMG OMG. I'm suddenly so nervous and I broke into cold sweat :'(
I think I should start revising now. Shouldn't give myself too much stress. (: Wish you all good luck and bye! (:

PS: Just finished all my homework! [inserts smile]
And, a click won't hurt, right?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quick one/.

Hello people! New blogskin again! *Hehehs*
Actually I didn't want to change but I accidentally click the wrong button so I'll have to start all over :( You can also download this skin at: Proudly submitted by me myself ~
Okay, would you all please do me a favour?
Click these:
Rate/Fave/Download please! (:

Anyway, just a mini update. I almost completed all homework except compo and chinese ws X 2. Hopefully can complete by tonight ):

Will update soon so bye!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hello people! New layout! Hahas (:
Erm, my Oral went on very well. I talked non-stop, and I don't need prompts! Yay.
For LC, MT was easy, but for English, I alrd have 1 question wrong! The last question... T-T I just noticed it when the teacher is collecting the paper. I wanted to change my answer but I know it's wrong. So, I didnt... T-T
Think I shall just hope for the best and prepare for the worst!!!!

Yesterday, went to Pioneer Mall with Sige for lunch... Shared a Mega mac tgt, coz it's too big. Yum. Saw some other girls there too. (:

Just finished 1 compo corrections, sci set 5 and no more....

Seriously nothing to blog about so shall stop here!. Bye~~! Will update soon.

PS: My blog's gonna be dead for a some time due to PSLE.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Gosh, tmr is going to be my make up exam for the PSLE eng oral and I'm so nervous! ): Hope I can score well...

Well, I have this tooth which is shaking, and I plucked it out just now. So now I have 3 empty holes in my mouth! Gosh~~

Okay just a mini update so shall stop here. Bye~


Gosh, tmr is going to be my make up exam for the PSLE eng oral and I'm so nervous! ): Hope I can score well...

Well, I have this tooth which is shaking, and I plucked it out just now. So now I have 3 empty holes in my mouth! Gosh~~

Okay just a mini update so shall stop here. Bye~

Sunday, September 13, 2009


(Bear with me... This is going to be a short post.)

Woots, PSLE is really drawing near. I am really very stressed these days due to homework, homework and homework. -.-
If I were given 3 wishes, I would wish for:
1. World peace
2. Pass PSLE with flying colours
3. Billions and billions of wishes that lasts me for a life time. (Or more)
--------------------------- Skip!-------------------------

*Sighs*... Now let's just start with the things that happened these days.

- Yesterday, Dad drove us to NTU to have dinner. Ate until I'm so full ~ After that, drove back home, then walked to JP and bought some things. Bought me a Phrasal verb dictionary (which I think may be helpful) , slippers (*my old one was stolen) and 2 gel-ink pens. Guess what, the pen was super-good to use! 3 for $1.90 only~~ At Japan Home.

- Friday, went to the library with my sister at about 1pm like that, deciding to do homework. But guess what? We didn't even touch our homework as my sister saw her classmate and she was so high and affected my homework mood (thanks, Eva (:). After some time, 2 of her friends came sit with us and I was xian to bits! -_-"'

- Today, we were deciding to go to IMM to buy groceries at Giant, but I was too busy with homework so I didn't go. My sister too. So we slacked at home playing facebook games. (Pssst! I have a restuarant city account alrd!) After that, homework, dinner, homework and here I am (:

Aiyo, 9.19pm now... Gotta shut down computer le. I think I shall go and watch "Big Brother's Return" on TV! Bye (:

Foot note:
* One day, I was off to school, and I left my not-even-a-month-old slippers outside my house. When I came back, after dinner, I wanted to walk outside to play and found out that my slippers was gone! Gone!! So we suspect/assume that the old uncle downstairs stole it bcoz:
He always walk around our coridoor suspiciously. He has a un-honest look. That's all. Opps... Not much evidence huh?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Hey, check out this website: !
They're so funny... Check out the videos (:


Sorry people, kinda dead these days..
Well, I submitted my previous layout to, 'coz kinda tired of it :X Ask me personally if you want to take a look of it ^^
Erm, these days I'm kind of depressed, or rather moody. 'Coz I think I'm getting bad luck since Monday.
I went to Jurong Point w/ Sige and w/ Kitty, and something unexpected happened. We were so scared... The feeling of being accused is undescribable... >_<"' And we hate that cockroach aunty! But I think she did not do as what se said earlier, and I'm so relived (:
Erm, I just downloaded a photo-editing software from the internet, and I'm so glad to know that ... IT CAN DO ANIMATION~~~~~ Yeah... Kinda similar to Photoshop.
Well, I'm quite happ with my marks for the prelims as I improved. A lot. ^^ I was so glad~~ Althought I got neither A* or Distinction for MT. But for Maths, I got 96/100~~ Wow my own record! the 4 marks is all because of careless mistakes... -_-'' For Science, although I dint get A*, I improved by 10 marks! Same as English too.
*Sighs* I think I gotta go for dinner now. Bye! Will update soon.