Wednesday, March 25, 2009

oh why; oh why..

nowadays, less and less ppl cum to tag me... =( wawa.. perhaps u all r busy wif sch work, right? anyways the taggies are so much fewer than before!
anyw, please ppl, dun think that i got problem, change bag everytime! 'coz my sister go camping, and i'll HAVE to lend her mine 'coz house no big bags and u know, camping need loads of things. hahas!
i'll change back my bag next monday! ahhhhhhhh... having your own bag back is the best thing of the best things!~
anyw, i'm gonna work SUPER-DUPER hard now, since i'm sort of deproving in my studies or there's no improvement! i shall break my own record, which is the mark of 98 for maths when i p2/p3!! AHHHH!!~~ FIGHT!!!~~~ and i shall get GOOD marks and go to the schools that are gd! i aim for them! =D
And, last thing, i think that the performance of 'The Wizard of Oz' is great! With WQ in that super-cute blue dress!!! and jishreean is sooooooo funny... for once i felt so proud of our sch~ =D
whatever.. i shall go back and do homework.. tons you know...............
signed off,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New layout

Hello everybody...
Long tym no blog liaos...
Anyway, changed my layout again.. hahas! like it or like it not? comment comment lehhs.. =D
BTW, holiday hmwk sooooooooo many xia!! it's higher and bigger than MOUNT EVEREST, i can say that..
Watever... actually i didnt start on any except science. (:
gotta 临时抱佛脚!
byebye! gtg.