Saturday, February 28, 2009

My anger!

너무 많은 말을하지 마십시오. 누가 가난하다고 말해? 그건 자신있다. 당신은 세계에서 가장 똑똑한 인간이 생각하는거야? 당신은 어떤 일이 일어날 것이라고 생각 무슨 얘기를 했지? 당신은 지구 그걸 통제라고 생각합니까? 아니다! 당신은 개 배설물의 더미가없습니다! 나는 가장 기본적인 생활 습관 깨끗한 아니지만, 말하는 사람의 성격을 문제 없어! 병이 난 그것이 아니라고한다면하는가? 그럼 난 당신이 내 눈앞에서 나는 소리를 못들었 스피커 장소에서 연설을하지 마십시오. 난 이해가 잘---가 아니 었어!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm sooooooo sad!!!!!!!!
Coz i nida go cut my hair 7 cm shorter ltr~~~ Ah!!!
it's gonna b the shi jie mo ri le!!!!!!!!
Btw, i havent finish my hw yet.. :p
Did everything except for chinese compo corrections and compo. =/
Gotta finish it!!!!~~~
Bye for now. I GTG TO H***!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


ZOMG this is the worst day ive ever had in Sch for 2 1/4 yrs!!!~~~
Well, i really started my day off wif a Shhuay thingy.. (u all noe)
{FYI, im in the Olympic Race, Mrs Tan teached us b4 during one of the P.E. lessons right? Oh well, im in that which i hate it. i'm so bad at sports! I dun run!! D:}
And, after sch during House Practice, 我的心情超不好的! 'coz the boy lor, he keep saying, "run faster LAH!!!!" in a soooo rude way, which makes my super-angry!!! so, i rolled my eyes back @ him.
Next, i was tying my hair coz my hair super-messy, & he say, "Can line up properly or not??!!" i ignored him.. somemore, he shorter then me by 15 cm like that xia!!
another!!! he say!!!! "WA LAO!! THAT GIRL RUN VERY SLOW LEH!" he shouted so loudly i think he did that on purpose. he even pointed @ me. >:( I turn around and said back, "u say who?!!" (oh well, i think that's the first tym i shouted @ sumone.......... :#[ )
Summore, sumbody oso irritated me. she/he soooo *******!!!! (it's nt the f word) i will nt say it out as i scare i will hurt her. -_-
I'm starting to hate house pratice now!!
I hate today... it's soooooo boring....
i wish tmr can be a better day..........


I made this myself. Comment.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hellos! Went on Hiatus for perhaps 4 days or so... and i came up a new blogskin!! do comment on it im my cbox!!
Ok, u noe the incident happened today.. I will reflect too..
Anyways, Want to say, a HAPPY BELATED VALENTINES' DAY! thou we dun celebrate =P
byes! nth much to blog about actually..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back agn

hellos. Long tym no blog liaos.
anw, finally back to the computer!!!!! *yeahs*
i didnt even touch comp for 5 days due to hw and packed schedule. ((:

now, gg to blog bout Homework. ZOMG... so much sia... :(
D: i dun think i can complete them.. ytd, i finished doing:
1. 大拇指
2. 口试练习
no more.
ltr, im gg to Popular to buy pens and stuff, and to accompany my sis to go buy cup as a birthday present for her frend. hahas.
GTG. i go do hw liaos!! (: