Monday, January 26, 2009

blogger logo

u noe, sum ppl ask me how to make a logo for their own blog, and i thought bout this for quite a long tym. and today, suddenly, i got this inspiration from!~
hahas, this is th blogger's logo:

and this is the logo i edited:

HTML codes for this logo:

okays, if u wan me help u make, tag at my tagboard and i can do it for you within one min.
P/S: i noe the blogger logo is copyrighted, but at least the logo i made shows that we r a full-tym blogger and a full-tym blogger-supportor? hahas. =X

P/S/S: oso, notice ive changed my blogskin? hahas. (made it myself)

Friday, January 23, 2009


Oh. My. God. Soooo longggg nv post sia!
Well, first of all, wanna wish everyone a very HAPPY Chinese New Year!~ Hope you guys pass ur PSLE wif flying colours.
just to let ya noe, i hv 103 posts liao! OMG i cun believe it and im so proud of myself. (:
If not Mrs Tan, i still would not noe, "blog" this thingy. (:

Okays, jz wanna say, a happy belated new yr! i didnt post anything on new yrs tym and im very sry. hahax.

okays. i wanna stop blogging now coz im so so tired now.