Sunday, December 28, 2008

One Post many entries.

Hi, Well i oni rmb wat happened on 25/12. Shall skip 26/12 and today coz today havent end yet. :)
25 December
Althou today is Christmas, we didnt celebrate. :/ Oni except that we went to JP (my family and i LOL) for dinner and I received a present from my parents. And btw, the new JP sure is BIG!! Omg i can go lost in there de lah! And there's so many shops. Well, tell ys my fav. shops in JP2: Action city, Artbox, Minibits, Lulubell. And I'm quite sad coz i expected the japan shop 'Daiso' will be there but it's not there... :( well no choice yeah. coz the things in Daiso are freaky CHEAP!~ Everything there are just for $2.

Now lemme show u wat i received for christmas -
This is e present from my father.

I didnt take e picture for the present from my mom but will do so soon ^^.
And today just ended wif a.... Comma. -_-"
Actually i roughly rmb wat happened these few days. lemme recall..........
25 December
Although today is christmas, (and im a christian) my family and i didnt celebrate.. we oni put the christmas tree out. :/ AND when to JP for dinner. ^-^

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Adopt Trees!

Hey, I've adopted Trees.

"i love green, i love the trees, i love nature! hope ppl can play a part to help save the enviornment~ ^.^"
Haha, found this in blogskins, one of the blogskins lor, she say paste this tree in ur blog so can let ppl help save mother nature~
i tot very creative! so pasted the codes here..
Yaryar, many ppl will tink this so boring~ but i dun tink so?! we anyhow litter and even if ppl c u doing it they will nt go foward to u and stop u from doing it.. (except for police, or someone lik tat) Then, MORE AND MORE peep will follow u and litter everywhere, THEN, mother nature will be MORE AND MORE sick, then..............
ANW, MERRY CHRISTMAS! today is 平安夜, tmr is christmas so, wish u a very merry christmas yo~
and 时间过得好快!!!!!! very soon gg sch gonna reopen liao~ omg.. -_-''
and PSLE will come, then, STRESS will come.... ARGH, think of it and i will hv headache larhs!
PS remember to adopt tress!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yeah! finally it's successful!

you know y i so hapy? coz i FINALLY made a blogskin myself! ^^ well, u may find this skin sort of fimiliar, coz i toke e basecodes from Sweetsugar..
i found out how to make so u must too.. ^^
i mean, dun ask me how to make ar! haha.