Saturday, November 29, 2008

sry ya.

sry ppl for nt posting for such a long long tym! coz nth much to say~.~, plus, im so lazy.
anyway tell u peeps sth - yesterday i was stuck in the mrt station && cun get out! lols. i called somebody to help me top-up my card (as in, lend me mony so i can top-up my card.) but she not free... duh. (if u noe hu is the somebody dun say ya. pls.
=l really, holidays r so boring.. even tough it's tym 4 us to relax.. but nth to do except updating reading log + 6 newspaper reports, playing com, smsing wif frens.
duh. -_-""
watever! byes! i will update more! ;)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

hi, long tym le...

hello ppl, long tym nv post le! haha... btw since exams r over im collecting dvds, korea dvds... so nice!
haha btw i hv good news!

i won e com compo writing competition!!! =D omg! bronze!! on this fri im goin to take the prize, soim not going sch...