Monday, October 27, 2008

ive made up my mind...

i've made up my mind. im sharing resources with u all. i dun wanna b so selfish! =D
go to bluebeachsky to c e resources ok. the 1st and only post hv e resources. (near e end of e post) =) hope it helps! :D

Saturday, October 25, 2008


There goes her Grandmother Story....
Yo peeps.
Jz surfing e net - 1 hr le. Im jusst findin cool things to "groom" ur blog. you c my button there?? hehe.. it's not me hu make it but a girl who make it!
wadever.. if you wan the website i can gv u through msn, not HERE. im not sharing things lik that. sry. coz buttons r sooo cool. i wanna b different from others~ ok

That's e end of her Grandmother Story!

Friday, October 24, 2008

yo peeps, exams over le!!

hi, long tym nv blog le, preparing 4 exams. as 4 maths it was sooo easy!! and btw, i changed my blogskin is not 4 fun, it jz tat my pre blogskin got some problems, so needa change lolx.
now, since exams e over, do u mind taking this quiz? 4 crys she dun nid coz she do already le. please tell my ur ans at my guest bk. jzz write down ur answers there thx! i call it the "unknown quiz"! :p

wad is ur fav _____?
1. colour = ?
2. tym = ?
3. word = ?
4. weather = ?
5. tv programme = ?
6. song = ?
7. singer/idol = ?
8. phrase = ?
9. person = ?
10. thing = ?

happy doing!!
P.S. if u dun wanna do then nvm. if u wan, i'll say "thx" one millions tyms! :D
P.S.S. if u wanna noe my ans, i will tell u once i c ur responses lol! thx!