Saturday, July 26, 2008

Promise, as i said

hello! as a promise, i nid 2 post the pics i took at china. :D there actually many of them too, but i only choose three bcoz my comp cannot load too much at one time.

Friday, July 25, 2008


i am going 2 off my comp soon, so i decided to post a post. :D anyway, 2moro i'm gonna hav free macdonald meal and snacks! sige will pay for it! she's the best!
and, can i share a trouble with u? u noe the next chp, "how things works"? there a passage on: "how YOyos works". i'm so scared they'll laugh at me!! but i thought this name's quite "interesting"?? and, mrs tan gonna go through the qns of the wb and i'm gonna: :"> :( i hate it... will u guys promise u wont laugh?? it's embarassing! but, i'm sure, crystal, u'll hav that feeling last year, am i right? the passage on: how to make crystals. (ophs! i should hav said ur nickname!!)yillery, u r helping me! yillery!! u rox!!!!!!!
oh, i think i nid 2 off comp now! too late! i go watch tv, then get ready the thingys to bring 2moro. cool.... now: 9:24, according to my laptop...
bb! yillery, r u angry with me?? i'm not laughing at ur name!!! i thought ur name is special, and cool, and wonderful! i dun hav the heart to laught at my friends! trust me, yillery! i really didnt! if u think i laught at u, then u laugh at me!!
heehee, this post is open to all, but i think im only communicating with yillery! B)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

bad day

hey, i had a bad day 2day! it's just that my 50cents was stuck in the water machine. i was walking home from sch and i thought that i'm so thirsty. so i go to the water machine 2 buy a drink. thatz when my money's stuck in there! i was soooo angry... 50cents!! can buy lemonade in sch already!! so sad~
i told my sister, and she's sad for me too~ :`(
but the gd thing is that, sige, crystal, qiuting and me r going 2 do a art project! i dunno we will sucess or not, i dunno...
anyway, all the best~~^^

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Another new day. i am soooo bored. now it's 10. 2moro go to sch at 8 for the health zone visit. oh... i dunno i wan 2 go, or dun wan 2 go! but i'll definitely turn up! :> i really wan 2 have freedom... i have only 1/3 of total freedom. well, maybe i'm too YOUNG for real freedom.
*my dad's gonna buy NEW (vroom) next year. these days, we are using the old one. i think it's way too old... i really think it needs repairs. if u wan 2 noe what 'vroom' means, just post a message in my cbox. then i tell u lor! i hate it when u all cant post comments. anyway, it's ok. at least it's must nicer now...
another thing (i noe im talkative in case of writing): i will post the pics i took at china next week. i've got my camera ready. *i promise*

Saturday, July 12, 2008


next time i will post the pictures i took at china! my comp 'soak' diao, so next time ar... i promise i wil... IF U POST COMMents> i will only post if there r comments.
thank u...!