Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sth for u to take note

U know what?? I'm always waiting for more comments leh... and i hope everybody know me blog - except for the smelly boys lor. (Keep this a secret, ok???) Anyway, I hope more and more people will come and visit my blog. I wanna interact with my friends yeh! Um... can u post ur e-mail address? I wanna chat with u online... thx.

P.S. I already know Sige's, Crystal's... then no more! Tell me, okay? I beg u... "Please, u r the best, just post it, please, can?"
Thanks! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Try out this game! Very funny and fun... (perfect for easter)

Tell me if u enjoyed it... If u did, i'll post more... if u hate it, just tell me - i'll be more fussy the next time!!!

I've got many 'Perious Moments' pictures in me laptop. Wanna c some of them? Here's 1 or 2...
P.S. Sory, I didn't mean to post a snoppy picture... it suddenly 'pop' out... (hee hee... :-D)


Today is still the same... I'm so bored!!! I hope someone is online - but no one...I hope that ANY of my friends are... C U SOON!


P.S. I think that I should to go down a cycle - okay?? Emm... that dumb old richmond is offline. I wanna tel 'im sth very evil...

Friday, March 21, 2008

i'm so happy right now - coz today's good friday!!! i love jesus! i'm a christian - u c, and i'm happy. oh, i'll just came up from cycling down stairs just now. i hope that i can chat with me friends... oh, i can chat with sige online!!!!!!!!!!!!



*sigh* arggh!! everytime there's homework, homework, and homework. i hate it!!!!!!!! especially that i don't even have the chinese composition paper!!! How the heck am i gonna do my hw?? well, i'll try to find some in the popular bookshop, to c if there's any... wish my luck is good! *sneeze* god bless me!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I can't tell u my real name...

Well, hello! I used this name coz it's easy to remember, and I don't have to tell ya my real name. Oh, if u r my friend, u may know who am i. Whatever...:-)